Glass Art Garden: The Chihuly Experience opens at Toyama Glass Art Museum, Japan

2 Sep 2015

On Saturday August 22nd, Dale Chihuly’s Glass Art Garden: The Chihuly Experience opened at Toyama Glass Art Museum, Japan.

The artwork is on permanent display at the museum and includes Chihuly’s Chandeliers, Reeds; Niijima Floats; Persian Ceiling and Mille Fiori installations.

Chihuly’s long-standing affinity with Japan has resulted in numerous exhibitions over the past three decades, including those in Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka. His Niijima Floats and Ikebana series were both influenced by Japanese culture - the Niijima Floats  series taking inspiration from the Japanese fishing floats Chihuly used to collect on the shores of Puget Sound when he was a child.  

“I’ve never done anything like the Niijima Floats. They are probably the most monumental-looking since there’s no reminiscence of a container shape. Even though a sphere or a ball is about the easiest form you can make in glass, when you get to this scale, up to forty inches in diameter, it becomes extremely difficult.” Dale Chihuly

The new 27,000 sqm cultural complex designed by architect Kengo Kuma is situated in Japan’s coastal prefecture Toyama, 300 km North West of Tokyo and is part of a wider regeneration project aimed at revitalising the area.