Wu Ching Ju: Terra Natura

7 Jun 2011

Terra Natura, a new monumental sculpture by Wu Ching Ju to be placed in the heart of Shanghai’s financial district, is the artist’s most recent sculpture project in collaboration with the Halcyon Gallery.

This unprecedented public sculpture project was commissioned with the cooperation of the Shanghai Pudong Lujiazui Development Company, the Pudong Cultural Department and the Shanghai Municipal Planning Bureau.

Wu Ching Ju’s Terra Natura was selected from over 1000 proposals for the aesthetic quality of the artwork itself, and for the creative intent of the artist. Terra Natura, which will be officially unveiled in July 2011, is a gift to the citizens of Shanghai from Wu Ching Ju and Halcyon Gallery.

Shanghai is a thriving metropolis of over 23 million people and is the financial corner stone of China’s rapid development. Shanghai’s Pudong Lujiazui District is considered to be the premium location in the city. Lujiazui Central Park in Pudong, where the Terra Natura sculpture will be permanently placed, sits at the foot of China’s three tallest sky scrapers. As the economic centre of China, Pudong has the aspiration to be the financial heart of the world by 2020. With such visibility and significance, there is no better place for an artist such as Wu Ching-ju to convey her message and hope for the future, to the world.

It is Wu Ching Ju’s hope that her monumental sculpture will be a call for public environmental education and awareness. Terra Natura’s two figures represent ‘Earth’ (Terra), and ‘Nature’ (Natura). The sculpture captures desolation and serenity while the figures convey purity, innocence and vulnerability.  Wu Ching Ju hopes that people will connect with these emotions and feel a true desire to make changes to the way they live and how they care for the world.

Halcyon Gallery and Wu Ching Ju intend to create an educational programme for children and young people in Shanghai, funded by sponsorship, in association with the monumental Terra Natura sculpture.