Master Editions, Press Release

1 Sep 2013

London, October 2013; An exhibition of limited edition master graphics has opened at Halcyon Gallery, 144-146 New Bond Street.

Master Editions at Halcyon Gallery presents an important and highly valuable collection of limited edition prints, showcasing artwork spanning over four centuries. From Rembrandt to the Impressionists to the leading artists of Modernism, the art of printmaking has flourished since the 16th century, experimented with and perfected through such mediums as etchings, woodcuts, engravings, lithographs and aquatints to name a few.

With the expanse of the art market, the value of limited edition prints has increased exponentially; this uncharted territory consequently igniting an urgent demand for their acquisition. Generally passed from hand to hand and viewed on a scale of intimate appreciation, prints possess the inherent ability to influence an expansive audience, one which traditional mediums – such as frescoes, paintings and sculpture – have been unable to achieve, and therefore greatly increasing their provenance.

Over the years, prints have become a major contribution to museum collections and retrospective exhibitions, securing not only their significance, but their unique contributions, within the art historical canon. Following the recurrent waves of periodical history, every image in this exhibition resonates with a sense of progression in time through the diversity of line, delicacy and depth of tone, variation in colour and the emotion conveyed by its maker.

An absolute ‘must-see’ for a collector of any level, Master Editions presents the sensory experience of a museum-scale show, whilst offering the rare opportunity to walk away with an integral piece of the artist’s oeuvre. Expertly divided into five key periods – Old Masters, Impressionism, Modern European, Modern British and Modern American – exceptional works by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and Joan Miró stand beside full collections and trial proofs by contemporary icons Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein and Keith Haring.

Combining a passion for printmaking and a specialised knowledge of the art market, Halcyon Gallery provides, through Master Editions, an opportunity to form, enhance and build upon remarkable collections of art. The result of extensive research, the acquisition of specific and sought after editions will capture the imagination and lend agency to the evolution of this technically precise art form, a skill which some artists would spend their entire careers trying to perfect. These recognisable, lucrative, and above all seminal artworks will inevitably prove their everlasting investment over time and highlight an alternative perspective to the way in which we judge the value of fine art prints.

To celebrate London Art Week, Halcyon Gallery will be hosting an open day on Saturday, 19th October from 11am until 5pm in association with Perrier Jouet.