Lorenzo Quinn Sculpture Pays Tribute to Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation

Stamford, Connecticut


To commemorate more than 15 years since the founding of the Steven  Alexandra Cohen Foundation, a Lorenzo Quinn sculpture titled Give from the Heart has ended its long journey across the Atlantic and is now calling Stamford, Connecticut its home. 

Masterfully crafted by Quinn, a contemporary Italian artist, the sculpture was installed adjacent to the Foundation's headquarters in Stamford in November. A private unveiling ceremony will be held at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, December 4th at 46 Cummings Point Road and attended by the artist, Steven and Alexandra Cohen, members of the Foundation team, and Paul Green, President & Founder of Halcyon Gallery, which exclusively represents Quinn.

Standing at 10-feet tall, the sculpture depicts the hands of Steven and Alexandra Cohen holding a red heart, the symbol of their Foundation's charitable efforts. While the Cohens have been privately donating for more than 25 years, they formalized their giving by creating the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation in 2001. Since then, the Foundation has donated over $570 million to nonprofit organizations. After being previously commissioned by the Cohens for other works, Quinn spent two years developing and sculpting this bronze and polished steel piece, which will now honor Steven and Alexandra's philanthropic journey.

'We are very excited to welcome Lorenzo's stunning sculpture to its permanent home right next to our GIVE building,' said Alex Cohen, president, Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation. 'It celebrates the vision Steve and I had over 15 years ago to build a Foundation that gives to causes close to our hearts and is a beautiful way to inspire our ongoing work. We can't thank Lorenzo enough.'

In 2017 alone, the Foundation awarded 150 grants and $53 million to local and national organizations. As part of its Giving Tour, which began in 2016, Alex Cohen and the Foundation team travel the country to meet with new nonprofits and raise awareness of the positive impact current grantees are making within their communities. In addition, the Foundation launched the Cohen Lyme & Tickborne Disease Initiative in 2015 and committed $50 million toward research focusing on new methods of prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.

'As with every dream, there is a great sense of accomplishment when that dream comes true," said Quinn. "It has been very rewarding to work on such a worthwhile and important project. And witnessing Alex and Steve's deep desire to make great things happen, coupled with their unique passion, perceptiveness and engagement in the creative process, has been an absolute privilege.'

About Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation

The Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation is committed to inspiring philanthropy and community service by creating awareness, offering guidance and leading by example to show the world what giving can do. Since launching the Foundation in 2001, Steven and Alexandra Cohen have generously funded local and national nonprofit organizations that uplift the communities in which they serve. The Cohens' giving reflects their personal connection with the causes that inspire them. To learn more, please visit or follow the Foundation on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

1 December 2018—31 March 2019
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