A new sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn was unveiled at Mana Wynwood during Miami Art week

11 Dec 2017

A Dangerous Game

Following the phenomenal worldwide success of contemporary artist Lorenzo Quinn's sculpture, Support, at this year’s Venice Biennale, Halcyon Gallery proudly inaugurates his latest monumental sculpture, A Dangerous Game.

On December 8th, the sculpture was unveiled by Halcyon Gallery at Mana Wynwood during Miami Art week, Florida. Internationally renowned as one of the most popular sculptors of our times, Lorenzo Quinn’s installation highlights the escalating threat of nuclear war in our world. A Dangerous Game shows a giant child’s hand holding a missile aimed at a target of the United Nations

“A Dangerous Game

I see leaders of nations ‘playing’ with their military like children in a dangerous dare game. It’s scary to see how they play with their missiles as if they were darts. You wouldn’t give a dart to a child who is unaware of the consequences his actions may cause.

--Lorenzo Quinn”

Rising over 20 feet tall and more than 33 feet long, A Dangerous Game carries another strong message about our world and our responsibility to preserve and protect it.