Halcyon New Contemporaries

26 Mar 2014

We start our spring season with our Halcyon New Contemporaries – four vibrant artists who are highly regarded; John Bauer, Ernesto Canovas, Santiago Montoya and Pedro Paricio. The first a new contemporary artist, Ernesto Cánovas and his inaugural exhibition,  An American Trilogy.  An artist we have followed closely over the past few years having won numerous awards and now presents his first solo exhibition at our 144 New Bond Street gallery.

Finalist in 2011 for the Saatchi Gallery and Channel 4’s New Sensations Prize as one of the most imaginative and talented artists to have graduated in the UK, Cánovas’ work will also feature at the Royal Scottish Academy as part of Generation 14 in June 2014.

The exhibition is titled after a medley of three songs made popular by Elvis Presley. Influenced by history, cinema and popular culture, Cánovas sources images from old and new media to produce evocative, semi-abstract paintings that capture a fleeting moment in time, a snapshot or flash of an event’s memory – the event remaining secondary in importance to that of the image which represents it.

Each work presents the viewer with a duality from which perceived truths are to be questioned and re-fashioned into a new understanding. What is presented is American Contemporary History captured and then demanding to be observed and studied.