Lorenzo Quinn, Give & Take III

18 Jul 2017

Monumental sculpture Give & Take III unveiled in Puerto Portals, Palma July - November

“It is vital to find a balance in life. Nature has been trying to teach us that lesson since the beginning of time. All opposites meet in their extremes. You cannot fully enjoy receiving if you have never given, because you will not recognise the gift you have received if you value only what is difficult to obtain.”  Lorenzo Quinn

Following the installation of the critically-acclaimed Support this spring, leading sculptor Lorenzo Quinn, unveiled a monumental sculpture,Give & Take III in Palme De Mallorca, Spain.

Echoing the meticulous execution and technique of the Masters of the past, Quinn employs the ancient lost-wax process in his Catalan foundry to create his masterpieces. Give & Take III is a monumental piece which features two hands looking for balance between giving and receiving - visually highlighting the environmental and climate issues we all face in society today.

Exemplifying the art of harmony and balance, Quinn’s powerful pieces are the means by which he communicates his universal messages to viewers.

This year has seen Lorenzo Quinn unveil his new monumental sculpture, Support, at the Ca’ Sagredo Hotel on the Grand Canal for the duration of the Venice Biennale 2017 – 57th International Art Exhibition as well as The Four Loves in Berkeley Square and Love at Millbank in London.