Lorenzo Quinn’s Harmony unveiled on Park Lane

5 Jan 2015

Halcyon Gallery unveiled Lorenzo Quinn’s monumental public sculpture, Harmony, along London’s Park Lane on Saturday 20 December 2014. A unique interpretation on the traditional symbol of the Yin and Yang, this is the first installation of this sculpture in the UK and it towers at 3 meters high, cast in polished aluminium and stainless steel. A black and white painted and aluminium version of this sculpture has also been publicly placed in the Spanish city of Sant Cugat del Vallѐs.

The sculpture is a six month placement installed by Halcyon Gallery and is part of the Westminster City Council public sculpture initiative, in cooperation with Transport for London. Of this sculpture, Quinn writes:

'I have always been attracted by the symbol of the yin and yang and that couples could see themselves reflected by their meanings.

Each person fills a space that the other was missing and therefore completing his companion. This creates a perfect harmony that is essential to every relationship.

Every relationship is the meeting of two worlds that become a whole.'

The sculpture can be viewed in the pedestrian crossing area, located between Hyde Park and The Dorchester Hotel.