Santiago Montoya at PINTA

16 Jun 2014

Santiago Montoya's work had a significant presence throughout this year's Pinta London. A structural sculpture created from paper money and teak wood, Tally Sticks, began the curatorial Montoya journey through the fair. Next, three key works are presented in booth D01; a vertical tapestry depicting a collage of Montoya's note motifs from different currencies and titled Veri Simile Topia, (Improbable Landscape in Latin), two large acrylic painted stars on Chinese Fen notes depicting an American DC3 Plane entitled Wishing Star II (white) and Wishing Star III (red). The largest installation in the fair, Montoya's Fish and Ships, contained 30 maquette cargo Chinese boats in a fishing net and promotes a global dialogue on commerce, nature and art in the the exhibition's VIP space.