1 Jan 2013

The central focus of the room, the Sunset Red Persian Table, exemplifies Chihuly’s experimentation with one of his chosen mediums of hand blown glass. The hand crafted zebra wood and glass table was specifically designed to house a glowing installation of his fiery red Persians.

Suspended majestically above the illuminated table is the elegant Golden Dawn Chandelier. Created to complement the lofty ceiling of the room and the expansive footprint of the table below, this signature Chihuly Chandelier measures two and a half meters wide and is comprised of more than 400 hand blown glass elements.

Exemplifying his understanding of space and architecture, the First Light Persian Wall draws the hues and radiance of the central Chandelier to the walls. The hand blown glass forms flow across a corner of the room; softening the sharp architectural lines of the space with their organic shapes and subtle tones. 

From the bright and exuberant hues of the Sunset Red Persian Table to the subtle colour balance of the First Light Persian Wall, Chihuly Illuminated is testament to his skill and mastery of colour and light. Moreover, it showcases Chihuly’s expertise and affinity for interior architectural installations: his distinctive hand blown glass creations emerge from the floor, the ceiling and the walls.

“I like to say I work with four materials of any scale--glass, plastic, water and ice. But it is really light that makes those materials come alive.” Dale Chihuly