Mauro Perucchetti UNICUM Press Release

1 Mar 2013

An exhibition of new works by Mauro Perucchetti, will open at Halcyon Gallery, 144-146 New Bond Street. This is Perucchetti’s third show at the gallery, following the success of his major exhibition in 2011.

UNICUM, at the root of the Latin term, literally means ‘a unique example or specimen of something.’

Arguably, it can be said that all forms of art – sculpture, painting, ready-made work, video, sound or light – lack an identical counterpart; meaning that these particular works have never been created before, and will never be perfectly replicated again. Customary in the art world, themes, ideas, materials and methods can often be recycled, even directly copied at times, but even this does not detract from the fact that each piece will stand on its own, exclusive in its existence and thus making it definitively unique.

In his new body of artwork, Perucchetti has manipulated his staple resin material, resulting in new, sculptural ways of displaying his art. These sculptures are individual testaments to the medium from which they are formed – matchless in their chemical composition, form, colour, texture and size. Yet together, they exemplify a serious achievement for the artist, cementing his place within the canon of Contemporary Art.

“I love Abstract art, as it is art in its purest form,” states Perucchetti, “it is art completely devoid of any restrictions.”

By nature, all chemically compounded materials have physical restrictions, limitations to how they can be expected to perform and what they can achieve. Having already pioneered working with this unstable material, Perucchetti has continued to play with his resin, encouraging the medium to evolve, asking it to push the boundaries of its inherent traits and reach beyond the expectations of past production.

Alongside his new Abstract forms, Perucchetti has further developed some of his familiar icons, continuing in the vein of his recognised Hip Pop art; a Smoked Skull with a multi-coloured helmet, a Flying Pig with Swarovski crystal wings, a Lucifer Jelly Baby with horns and a tail – icons which are universally understood, but that more importantly make very clear statements about the artist’s point of view regarding highly sensitive issues such as the global economy, environmental neglect and political unrest. 

“A celebration of colour, form and technique, elements which are present in all art, UNICUM has a very unique fingerprint.”