At Halcyon Gallery, philanthropy is at the very centre of our culture. We firmly believe in the life-enhancing value of contemporary art in the public sphere and are proud to help raise millions of pounds annually in support of several Non-Profit Organisations, Education Programmes and Charities.

By enabling public accessibility to modern art, we work together with both the artists and organisations to communicate a universal message, inspiring people of all ages to contribute positively to their community. Halcyon Gallery is committed to building strong relationships with these dedicated organisations in order to continue our long-standing support of education and environmental sustainability.

In 2008, Halcyon Gallery, British sculptor, Simon Gudgeon and The Royal Parks Foundation worked together to raise £2.5m of funding to date for the construction and continuation of the Isis Education Centre – an environmentally-friendly children’s education centre located in Hyde Park’s historic landscape.

The initiative was funded primarily by 1,000 inscribed plaques at the base of Gudgeon’s remarkable three-metre sculpture of Isis, and both the sculpture and the Isis Centre remain to serve as a beacon of continued hope in educating London’s inner city children on the natural environment.

Halcyon Gallery is proud to be a continued key supporter of The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award World Fellowship, a programme that makes it possible for young people all over the world to transform their lives and realise their full potential. Halcyon Gallery also sponsors a series of charitable events each year, including the Norwood Charity, The Happy Hearts Fund, and several charities selected by HRH The Duke of Cambridge and HRH The Prince of Wales.