Russell Young

British-American Pop artist Russell Young is best known for compelling, larger-than-life silkscreen paintings appropriated from recent history and popular culture. Alluding to the great Pop artists of past and present, he reinvents bold, sometimes brutal imagery turned upon itself in alienation and entrapment while bearing witness to the ambition and glamorous excesses of 21st-century America.

Selected Works

Crying Marilyn (Acid Green and Black)

Russell Young

Acrylic paint, enamel and diamond dust screen print on linen

Clint Eastwood

Russell Young

Acrylic paint, enamel and diamond dust screen print on linen

Kate Moss Superstar - Pose #1 (Luna Blue and Black)

Russell Young

Acrylic paint, enamel and diamond dust screen print on linen


British-American, b. 1959

Russell Young was born in Yorkshire on 13 March 1959 to an unwed mother, went into foster care and at four months was adopted. During his bleak, harsh childhood the family migrated across northern England, compounding his sense of being an outsider in a dark world, and drawing him towards the idealised drama of the American Dream. Young loved football, with its chants and tough terrace culture, and a music scene that took in the Sex Pistols and Joy Division. Despite his loathing of school he was talent-spotted in his teens by Jack Straw, director of Chester Art College, who proved a lifeline. In 1974 Young secured a place at the college to study drawing, graphic design, photography and film. The youngest student there, he completed a four-year programme in just two years, following this with a course at Exeter College of Art and Design.

With an unstoppable urge to get his career launched, Young moved to London three weeks before his graduate show. This tough time, living rough on the Embankment and in a series of squats, with casual work in record shops and a tailoring business, was formative, developing his ideas about social inequality, popular culture and the music industry, fashion and materials. Then the opportunity arose to assist the photographer Christos Raftopoulos, who introduced Young to fresh concepts of intense detail and light. He embarked on projects of his own, taking exceptional photographs at the live club shows of Bauhaus, REM and the Smiths, which led on to magazine commissions and sessions for record companies. In 1986, he shot the sleeve imagery for George Michael’s album Faith, which was to sell over 25 million copies. After this launch into the limelight Young produced portraits of such musicians as Morrissey, Björk, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan and many sports and political celebrities. He diversified into music videos, directing 100 during the heyday of MTV. In 1992, he moved to Hollywood, where he met and married the actress Finola Hughes.

During the 1990s Young began looking beyond the limits of the photograph and started to paint seriously. In 1998 he relocated to New York, rented a studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, and worked on a series of ‘Combine Painting’ experiments, making assemblages of collage, found objects and street graffiti. His first solo exhibition, in Los Angeles in 2003, was an anti-celebrity series of ‘Pig Portraits’. Its uncomfortably large monochrome silkscreens, based on low-grade police booking photographs, record moments when the rich and famous fell foul of the law. However, in turning the tables on his former career they achieve a more penetrating beauty and iconic status. Established as a painter, Young and his family moved back to the California coast, where he focused on ‘action by reflection’, developing ideas. The powerful, eclectic ‘Fame+Shame’ series followed in 2005, documenting the fallout of cultural excess from the previous three decades – a gritty, Pop Art cocktail of America seen through the eyes of a marginalised immigrant from northern England.

Young began to use diamond dust in 2007, pressing crystals into paintings he called ‘Dirty Pretty Things’. He was drawn to the opulence of the light shimmering off the multi-faceted glass, the famous faces lost in abstract flickers of light only to re-emerge. His ‘American Envy’ paintings (2009) revisit the country’s counterculture but go deeper into a vortex of rebellion, hope, violence and madness.

In 2010 Young was struck down by swine flu with severe complications. In a coma for eight days, he was not expected to survive. After a lengthy stay in hospital he emerged from this near-death experience; during the process of recovery he explored the effects of trauma on both the individual and the cultural psyche. 2011 saw a seminal shift in his work. Embracing a more visceral process he attacked and dissected imagery, filling it with the rough energy of violence, sex and power. The magnificent ‘Helter Skelter’ paintings scream chaos and mayhem. Even more feral is the ‘Isolation’ series: Young cuts up glossy 1970s photographs of bound women and forces them onto large, unimaginable orgies of claustrophobic assemblage. In this sultry, unapologetic fantasy, beauty and brutality are ground together, the paintings echoing the names of council estates in deprived areas of Britain: Thorntree, Nant Peris.

Young’s artistic output embraces painting, screen printing, sculpture, installations and film. Most important to him are the titles, the crops, and the progression from darkness to light, reflecting his transition from painful early years in northern England to warmth, growth and fulfilled potential under the sunny skies of America. As his art evolves, the darks become darker, the lights bigger and brighter.

In January 2016 Young and Hughes will receive the Spirit of Elysium award from Dame Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler in recognition of their charitable enterprises using art as a catalyst for social change. Young’s work is represented in the collections of the Polk Museum of Art in Florida, the Albertina Museum in Vienna, the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, the Saatchi Collection, Barack Obama, the Qatari royal family, Liz Taylor, Kate Moss, David Bowie and Brad Pitt. Young has exhibited in museums and galleries in London, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, Tokyo, Singapore, New York, Detroit, Miami and Los Angeles. Shows include Pig Portraits (2003), Fame+Shame (2005), Horsepower (2007), Diamond Dust (2008), Dirty Pretty Things (2009), Diamonds are Forever (2010), American Envy (2011), Only Anarchists Are Pretty (2012), Dreamland (2013), The Fight of the Paso del Mar (2013), Helter Skelter (2014), Lost Angels (2014), and Superstar (2016).

Exhibition Highlights

Chester Art College
Exeter College of Art and Design

2016 Superstar, Halcyon Gallery, London
2015 Forever Young: A Retrospective, Polk Museum of Art, Lakeland, Florida
2015 Wanted Dead or Alive, 212 Gallery, Aspen, Colorado
2015 Jackie O, Tagliatella Gallery, New York
2015 Rock n’ Roll Works on Paper, Long-Sharp Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana
2015 Young, Burkhard Eikelmann Galerie, Dusseldorf and Galerie Hafenrichter, Nurnberg, Germany
2014 SUPERSTAR, Long-Sharp Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana
2014 Spring Show 2014, Mead Carney Fine Art, London
2014 Wild at Heart, Imitate Modern, London
2013 Dreamland, Bankrobber, London
2013 The Fight of the Paso Del Mar, Bankrobber, London
2013 Kate Moss, Collectors Contemporary, Singapore
2013 Suicide, Bankrobber, London; Galerie G. Hartinger Fine Arts, Vienna and Vertes Modern Art, Zurich
2012 Russell Young, Vertes Modern Art, Zurich, Switzerland
2012 Entertainment for Men, the Playboy Club, London
2012 Private Show, Goss-Michael Foundation, Dallas, Texas
2012 A Working Class Hero is Something To Be, Long-Sharp Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana
2012 A Retrospective, Goss-Michael Foundation, Dallas, Texas
2012 Only Anarchists Are Pretty, Goss-Michael Foundation, Dallas, Texas
2012 The Queen is Dead, Guy Hepner, Los Angeles, California
2012 The Last Picture Show, Galerie G. Hartinger Fine Arts, Vienna and Long-Sharp Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana
2011 The Last Picture Show, Guy Hepner, Bal Harbour, Florida and Guy Hepner, Los Angeles, California
2011 American Envy III, Long-Sharp/Curis Modern + Contemporary
2011 American Envy I, Scream Gallery, London
2011 Diamond Dust, Galerie G. Hartinger Fine Arts, Vienna
2011 Icons, Galerie de Bellefeuille, Montreal
2010 Russell Young, Tagliatella Gallery, Paris
2010 Icons & Iconoclasts, Karl Hutter Fine Art, Beverly Hills, California
2010 Pig Portraits, Guy Hepner, Los Angeles, California
2010 Russell Young, Robinsons Art Gallery, Knokke-Zoute, Belgium
2010 Diamond Dust, Russeck Gallery, San Francisco, California
2010 New Paintings, Guy Hepner, Los Angeles, California
2010 Dirty Pretty Things, Collectors Contemporary Singapore; Scream Gallery, London and Tagliatella Gallery, Palm Beach, Florida
2010 Selected Works, Karl Hutter Fine Art, Beverly Hills, California
2010 Fame+Shame, Aberson Exhibits, Tulsa, Oklahoma
2010 Russell Young, Doyle Devere, London
2009 Dirty Pretty Things, Guy Hepner, Los Angeles, California; Valentino, New York; Russeck Gallery, San Francisco and Nikolai Rukaj Gallery, Toronto
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2008 Russell Young, Karl Hutter Fine Art, Beverly Hills, California
2008 Rebel Rebel, Art of Elysium at Milk Gallery, New York
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2008 Punk+Graffiti, Milk Gallery, New York
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2007 Horsepower, Milk Gallery, New York
2007 Works on Paper, Sims Reed Gallery, New York
2007 Storm, Vanina Holasek Gallery, New York
2007 Fame+Shame, Bankrobber, London
2007 Los Angeles, Galerie Adler, Paris
2006 White Rabbit, The Art of Elysium, Beverly Hills, California
2006 Russell Young, Sims Reed Gallery, London
2005 Fame+Shame, Vanina Holasek Gallery, New York and The Art of Elysium, Los Angeles
2003 Pig Portraits, SP Gallery, London, and The Art Of Elysium at Don O'Melveney Gallery, Los Angeles, California

2016 Icons, Plataforma 91, São Paulo, Brazil
2016 Shift, Stretch, Expand: Everyday Transformations, Museum of Contemporary Art, Santa Barbara, California
2015 POP, Halcyon Gallery, London
2015 The British Are Coming, Long-Sharp Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana
2015 Pelé: Art, Life, Football, Halcyon Gallery, London
2015 Heroes and Villains, Halcyon Gallery, London
2014 Lost Angels, Mead Carney Fine Art, London
2014 POP-FICTION, 212 Gallery, London
2014 Giant, Collectors Contemporary, Singapore
2014 The Shock of the New, Mead Carney Fine Art, Porto Montenegro
2014 Marilyn, Tagliatella Gallery, Paris
2014 Kunst, Vertes Modern, Zurich
2014 Grafix 14, Vertes Modern, Zurich
2013 Rethinking the American Dream, Long-Sharp Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana
2013 Works on Paper, The Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong
2013 David Bowie, Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
2013 Icons and Irony, Long-Sharp Gallery, Indianapolis, Indiana
2013 Rock, Tagliatella Gallery, Paris
2013 The Art of Elysium, Los Angeles, California
2012 The Rolling Stones: 50 Years of Rocking the Art World: a Celebration of The Rolling Stones, The Broome Street Gallery and Symbolic London, New York
2012 The Image is One Thing, Collectors Contemporary, Singapore
2012 Summer Exhibition, Scream Gallery, London
2012 Marilyn: 50 Years, Guy Hepner, Los Angeles
2012 Marilyn, Tagliatella Gallery, Paris
2011 POP and Contemporary American Art, Tagliatella Gallery, Paris
2011 New York, Tagliatella Gallery, Paris
2011 Arts for a Better World, Tagliatella Gallery, Miami
2011 It’s A Wonderful Life, Collectors Contemporary, Singapore
2011 Pop Pop, Collectors Contemporary, Singapore
2011 Scream Now, Scream Gallery, London
2011 Hueless, Mallick Williams Gallery, New York
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2011 Heaven Gala, Art of Elysium, Los Angeles, California
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2006 Beast and the Beauty, Vanina Holasek Gallery, New York
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2001 Art Heals, Twin Towers Orphan Fund, New Museum of Art and Technology

2015 SCOPE Miami, Florida
2015 Masterpiece, London
2015 Art Miami New York
2015 Spring Masters New York
2014 SCOPE Miami, Florida
2014 CONTEXT Art Miami, Florida
2014 Art Southampton, New York
2014 Masterpiece, London
2014 Art Monaco
2014 Art Wynwood, Miami, Florida
2013 Masterpiece, London
2013 Art Basel, Switzerland
2012 Art Basel Miami, Florida
2012 Art KYIV Contemporary, Kiev, Ukraine
2012 The San Francisco Fine Art Fair, California
2011 SCOPE Miami, Florida
2011 Art Toronto, Canada
2011 Moniker Art Fair, London
2011 LA Art Show, Los Angeles, California
2011 Art Stage Singapore
2010 Art Basel Miami, Florida
2010 Art Chicago, Illinois
2009 Fountain Art Fair, Miami
2009 The London Original Print Fair, The Royal Academy of Arts, London
2009 Cologne Art Fair, Germany
2008 SCOPE Miami, Florida
2007 Art Basel Miami, Florida
2007 SCOPE Basel, Switzerland
2006 Art Basel Miami, Florida

Liz Taylor, Los Angeles
Kate Moss, London
The Estate of Marilyn Monroe
David Bowie, New York
Albertina Museum, Vienna
The Saatchi Collection, London
The Benetton Foundation, Italy
The Polk Museum of Art, Florida
The Core Club, New York
President Barack Obama, White House, Washington DC
The Qatari Royal Family
Mohammed VI of Morocco

2016 The Spirit of Elysium, Los Angeles, California

2016 Superstar exhibition catalogue (Halcyon Gallery)
2015 Pelé: Art, Life, Football exhibition catalogue with essays: Brian Winter, ‘Why Pelé Still Inspires Us’; Dr. Bernard Vere, ‘Andy Warhol, Pelé, and the “Athletes” Series’ (Halcyon Gallery)
2005 The Art of Elysium presents Russell Young: fame, shame, and the realm of possibility


Russell Young, Superstar

21 Jan 2016 - 14 Feb 2016

144-146 New Bond Street, London


2 Dec 2015 - 16 Jan 2016

144-146 New Bond Street, London

Pelé: Art, Life, Football

26 Sep 2015 - 18 Oct 2015

144-146 New Bond Street, London

Summer Exhibition 2015

30 Jul 2015 - 31 Aug 2015

144-146 New Bond Street, London


14 May 2015 - 13 Jun 2015

144-146 New Bond Street, London


Russell Young, Superstar

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