Halcyon Gallery announces Ernesto Cánovas’ first exhibition in Barcelona

10 May 2016

We are extremely proud of contemporary Spanish artist Ernesto Cánovas’ first exhibition in Barcelona at the Espronceda, Centre for Art & Culture. The exhibition, which runs from May 5th until May 23rd, forms a brand new series of works completed by Cánovas during his international artist residency at the innovative and contemporary art center.

The exhibition title, ‘In One Breath’, is inspired by Haikus which are Japanese poems recited in one breath.

'In One Breath’ was conceived with the same sensibility, delicateness and structure as a Japanese Haiku. A Haiku poem is delivered in one breath and creates a unified visual and sensorial story which, in the context of this exhibition, is expanded through the artist’s painting. ‘In One Breath’ should be viewed as a whole - as a story composed of both the presence of art objects and their absence which evoke a musical rhythm, a state of being, a game which ultimately create a masterly exhibition.

Cánovas’ artistic practice coincides with Jacques Rancière’s “The Future of the Image” and its proposed concepts: the trace of things, the naked identity of otherness rather than imitation, materiality without construct or meaning, visibility over figures of speech and what vindicates the contemporary celebration of the image, or its nostalgic evocations of immanent transcendence, of the glorious essence of a guaranteed image by way of material production.” Alejandro Martin, Art Director at the Espronceda.

Cánovas was selected for the New Contemporaries Exhibition in Edinburgh and was awarded the prestigious Stevenson Award for Painting in 2010. He was shortlisted for the Saatchi Gallery and Channel 4’s New Sensations 2011 and received the Premio Ora in 2013. In June 2014, Cánovas’ work was featured at the Royal Scottish Academy as part of the Generation 14 exhibition. Cánovas’ works have also been included in many private collections around the world including the Soho House Group collection, Paul Smith Limited and the John McIntyre Centre at the University of Edinburgh.

For more information and images, please email info@halcyongallery.com