Lorenzo Quinn Exhibits at The State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg

1 Jun 2011

Two sculptures by Lorenzo Quinn, Hand of God and Leap of Faith, were unveiled at the Winter Palace, State Hermitage Museum, St Petersburg on 24th June.

The sculptures, which were selected by Ekaterina , Curator of the Contemporary Art Department at the State Hermitage Museum, have been loaned to the institution by the artist until the end of September. This opportunity to exhibit at The State Hermitage Museum marks a seminal moment in Lorenzo Quinn’s career.  This is the first time the celebrated artist has exhibited in Russia.

Quinn’s work is shown alongside a major exhibition by the 20th century British artist, Henry Moore, whose work has never been publicly shown in Russia before. The installations form part of The Hermitage 20/21 Project, the goal of which is to collect, exhibit and study art of the 20th and 21st centuries.

“Art can be seen as a mirror of modern culture that reflects all of us. Therefore, the Hermitage 20/21 project is addressed at those who want to be up to date with things, for both amateurs and professionals, savvy connoisseurs and the youngest viewers". M. Piotrovsky, Director, The State Hermitage Museum

Quinn’s sculptures were unveiled on the occasion of the ‘White Nights’ the world-famous event held at the State Hermitage Museum annually in June, which each year attracts patrons from around the world.

As the Museum approaches its 250th anniversary in 2014, this year’s ‘White Nights’ drew attention to the historic museum, its world renowned collections and the institution's most important ongoing project - the renovation and restoration of new galleries to house 20th and 21st century art.