08 Apr 2013 - 05 Jul 2013

Halcyon Gallery present an exhibition of iconic contemporary art combining rare and original work by Andy Warhol, Mauro Perucchetti, David Lachapelle and Santiago Montoya.

After the Party was included in the Gold Edition of the 1979 photography monographExposures by Andy Warhol, who collaborated on the book with Bob Colacello, editor of Interview magazine. Warhol, using his 35 mm Minox 35EL camera, captured an intimate series of glamorous escapades he enjoyed with the beautiful and the famous, evenings spent at Studio 54, and observations of daily life.

One of the recurring motifs in Perucchetti’s oeuvre is the jelly baby, which succinctly embodies his style and ethos. Each of these giant figures is perfectly moulded and composed of light-reflecting resin with an impressive depth of colour. Polyurethane resin is highly unstable, and Perucchetti has devoted years to manipulating the material and perfecting a technique which allows him to use the liquid on such a large scale. Although each jelly baby is unique in production, the topical issue of cloning is immediately brought to mind. The message is sinister, the imagery ‘sweet’.

Contemporary Colombian artist Santiago Montoya follows a multidisciplinary approach that embraces traditional painting, found objects and video documentary. In carefully structured series, he uses the aesthetics of materials to introduce meaning, resulting in collections where appearance and concept bear equal weight. He comments on a broad swathe of political issues, from conservation and dispossession to the transmission of information, aiming to uncover reality and bring to light the victory of the human spirit over adversity.

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