Lorenzo Quinn

18 Jun 2015 - 25 Jul 2015

Contemporary Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn is a leading figurative sculptor whose work is inspired by such masters as Michelangelo, Bernini and Rodin. Exhibited internationally, his monumental public art and smaller, more intimate pieces transmit his passion for eternal values and authentic emotions. He is best known for expressive recreations of human hands. ‘I wanted to sculpt what is considered the hardest and most technically challenging part of the human body’, he asserts. ‘The hand holds so much power – the power to love, to hate, to create, to destroy.

Lorenzo Quinn (2015) at Halcyon Gallery will focus on launching several new sculptures by the artist, which he has been developing over the past two years. These sculptures are very figurative, featuring both the male and female forms and highlighting their interaction with each other and their surrounding environments. Use of the circle and the square, often portrayed in the form of world globes, Quinn identifies the square and angular world with the male sex, whilst he attributes the rounded and circular world with women. Both the sculptures and Quinn’s poetry which accompany them examine and highlight how the two ‘worlds’ can often work against, but more importantly complement one another.

A constructive relationship is that in which one supports the other to achieve their dream – Lorenzo Quinn

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