Lorenzo Quinn, Actions Not Words

23 Oct 2017 - 22 Dec 2017

On 23 October, the internationally renowned contemporary artist Lorenzo Quinn will launch his new solo exhibition, Actions Not Words. The exhibition features a series of new sculptures by Quinn, which are mature in style and demonstrative of his visceral empathy and technical accomplishment. Quinn’s intimate sculptures are the means by which he communicates his universal messages to viewers.

Lorenzo Quinn’s public installations have enriched urban landscapes from London to Mumbai via cities as diverse as Monaco, St Petersburg and Doha, and his universally appealing vision continues to engage a vast international audience. Among the most impressive of these is Quinn’s immense sculpture Force of Nature (2017), which was installed in the Museum of Modern Art in Shanghai in August. Quinn’s work has also made an impact within fictional landscapes, as his four-metre Gravity (2017) was installed for and featured within Sky Atlantic’s Riviera earlier this year.

Quinn’s latest monumental installation, Support (2017), was unveiled in May to coincide with the 57th International Art Exhibition at the Venice Biennale. Emerging surreally from the depths of the Grand Canal, Support depicts a child’s hands reaching up to support the antique façade of the palazzo. This work marks a defining moment in Quinn’s career.

‘Sitting one day on Ca’ Sagredo’s terrace, viewing the scene of the Grand Canal and reflecting on art, history and our responsibilities, I was inspired by the vision of Support rising from the waters, greeting and protecting us all. The realisation of this artwork is a fulfilment of a dream and a hope that we all share in our hearts.’  Lorenzo Quinn.

Inspired by the realisation of this vision, Quinn has created a number of new sculptures to represent his dream and hope for love, support and protection amongst humanity. These latest works form the basis of Actions Not Words and demonstrate Quinn’s artistic progression and his promising experimentation with new mediums and subject matter.

For the past 20 years, curators, gallerists and collectors from across the globe have been drawn to the simple versatility, as well as the universally understood message, of Lorenzo Quinn’s artwork. Whether by means of a small and intimate sculpture in someone’s home or a monumentally scaled public installation, his work successfully encapsulates those moments that we, as humans, can only hope to hold onto as fading memories.

‘I am inspired everyday by life, books, poems, my encounters with people, my experiences, however brief: sculpture is a part of who I am, it always has been. I am delighted to be working together with Halcyon Gallery and to be given the opportunity to put together a collection of my works to share with the world,’ Lorenzo Quinn.

Actions Not Words explores two facets of Quinn’s work: the monumental and the intimate. This exploration unveils the similarities and contrasts between the two, and the unique way he employs both of these scales to translate his individual experience into a universally relevant message. The exhibition presents the many aspects of Quinn as a leading figurative sculptor and is an impressive culmination of the artist’s legacy to date, which also hints at his future trajectory.

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