Water & Bronze

21 Aug 2017 - 10 Sep 2017

Sculptor Wu Ching Ju (b. 1961) and painter Wang Tingxin (b. 1973) are best known for their deeply contemplative, personal renderings of the world around them.

Born in Fenglin, Taiwan, Wu Ching Ju’s work combines the rigid properties of bronze, with the delicate beauty of human nature in a poignant and harmonious combination. The works on display here form part of the Beyond Zen series, a collection inspired by Zen philosophy and the artist’s lifetime exploration and pursuit of Enlightenment, as well as the emotional stages along the path to finding the true self. Each piece draws upon forms occurring in nature, creating an unlikely dialogue between the cold man-made material and the intangible essence at the heart of the sculpture’s conception.

The works exhibited by the Hong Kong-born Wang Tingxin are produced on Xuan paper - an ancient variety of paper originating from Xuanzhou city in the Anhui province of China - and the dark, enigmatic surface serves as a canvas for abstract bursts of coloured ink, illuminated by dense gold. Each piece sees the artist revel in the abundant light and colour of the natural world, namely, the glittering Chinese water lily ponds of her childhood recollections.

For both Wu Ching Ju and Wang Tingxin, the process of art making becomes a personal meditation on the self, with the hope that the viewer will also experience a moment of calm in the presence of these serene pieces. Exhibited together for the first time, Water & Bronze provides an intimate look at new works by both artists, celebrating the beauty of nature and a liberation of the spirit.

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