Ernesto Cánovas, Multiplied

16 Feb 2016 - 02 Apr 2016

Contemporary Spanish artist, Ernesto Cánovas, presents Multiplied at Halcyon Gallery, London. This brand new series of work uses large scale mix-media on wood panel painting as part of Cánovas’ ongoing exploration into cinema, abstraction and found imagery.

Influenced by recent popular culture, Cánovas combines decontextualised visual media to create a unique narrative sequence. By introducing abstract colour panels into the composition, Cánovas breaks down the boundaries between light, colour, form and abstraction. The contrast between natural and man-made is highlighted through the use of applied materials to the wooden canvas, which range from graphite drawings, acrylic, mixed media, enamel paint and resin. Some of the work on display is a collaborative partnership between Ernesto and his wife, Polish artist Gracjana Rejemer-Cánovas.

The artworks resonate a feeling of calm nostalgia - created as the artist adds and removes layers from the wood panel on which the images are transferred, they appear faded and worn like a snapshot or flash of an event’s memory. In an interview with Brit Es Magazine, Cánovas notes that “Historic events shouldn’t be forgotten and reflecting on these from time to time is a positive thing, not least because it helps us to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past. Today’s events are tomorrow’s history.”

Colin Greensdale, Director at the Royal Scottish Academy of Art & Architecture, writes in his essay on Cánovas’ work that “He wrestles with apparent effortless ease to combine imagery and colour, delivering us dreamlike instances to confuse us with partially remembered moments and clear periods of calm. A series of works by Ernesto is indeed a multiplied task. Developing and pushing themes in subtle directions; re-thinking, re-engaging, reproducing and each time delivering a unique instance….a resonating perfect moment caught in time for enjoyment and reflection.”

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